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West France

Ouest France
On one side, a boating fisherman, alone on his boat. On the other, the summer visitor who would like to indulge in this leisure during his vacation. To put them in touch, an website.
West France - 2017/08/18
Where to fish? What fish can we catch? The website Comptoir Des, co-founded by a man from Nantes, answered these questions.
West France Normandie - 2016/08/16


La Provence
The website that tells you what time to go fishing. It determines the ideal moment when the chances of capture are maximum.
Provence - 2017/08/16

South West

Sud Ouest
What makes today the strength of the site, it is the community which was created around and which brings a large part of the information.
South West Arcachon - 2017/08/14
A start-up launches an augmented reality algorithm to simplify the designation of the winner of a fishing contest.
South West Lot-et-Garonne - 2016/07/20

The Dispatch

La Dépêche
Using augmented reality algorithms to know the real size of fish is the invention of a start-up helped by two polytechniciens and presented in Penne-d'Agenais.
Hunting - Fishing - Innovation by the river - 2017/07/31

The mail of Mantes

Le courrier de Mantes
The fishermen of the Sunday that we are, but also all the enthusiasts will find a lot of practical information on the site to go to tease the stud and organize an exit with the canes and the picnic, the friends, the family.
The Mail of Mantes - - 17/05/2017

The Parisian

Le Parisien
Fishermen, too, are online. They even have their community site,, a kind of BlaBlaCar and Facebook put together. For 2.99 € per month, members can invite themselves to fishing parties, exchange their techniques and consult the map of 15 000 fishy corners on the coast.
The Parisian - 2017/05/01
TV reports

JT of M6

This is an opportunity to venture into troubled waters with a teammate who has more experience. One word of order: sharing.

France 3

France 3
A website that lists all the fishing spots in France but also in the world, a kind of Facebook fishing
France 3 Ile de France - 2017/04/30
Radio chronicles

Radio France Bleu

France Bleu
This is the opening of the predator fishing and you have a useful app for all fishermen: is a community site, a kind of Facebook and Blablacar together
The 24h of the Web - 2017/05/01
Among the tools offered by the site, the index of fishability. An algorithm developed by the fisherman's counter technician that consider different criteria such as tides, wind strength, or sea currents, to determine the best probability of catching fish.
France Bleu Gironde - 2016/08/02
France Blue Gironde - 2017/08/21